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Clean and accessible self-service laundromat

When you can't put off doing laundry any longer, take advantage of the 60 coin-operated washers and dryers at Washing Board Laundromat. Our machines are in good operating condition, and attendants are always on duty if you have questions or need assistance.


If you're low on laundry supplies, soap, bleach, laundry bags, and fabric softener are sold here! For more information about our services, call us at 845-735-9246.

Benefits of big washers and dryers

  • Families can wash 50 pounds of clothes in just 1 machine

  • Save time operating 2 large-capacity dryers at once instead of 4 regular machines

  • Can’t dry comforters in a regular-size dryer

Extra-large-capacity washers in 4 sizes

  • 20 pounds

  • 40 pounds: double load

  • 50 pounds: triple load

  • 60 pounds: jumbo load – can fit three comforters or 22 towels

2 dryer sizes and other advantages

Laundromat Self Service 1 Laundromat Self Service 2 Laundromat Self Service 3 Self Service